The Chow needs to be brushed at least twice weekly or more if possible. Grooming is essential to keep the long, thick coat in peak, clean condition. Chows have a dense undercoat that supports the coarser outer coat and gives it its fluffy appearance.

Many aduIt Chows have a ruff almost like that of a lion that must be handled with care because it can be stripped away by too much grooming.

The puppy undercoat, however should be brushed out when it starts to loosen so that the adult coat may come in properly. Always brush out the dead coat and be careful that the remaining coat does not mat. Both a course comb and a pin brush (both kinds are available at any pet show and even at most supermarkets) are needed to keep the coat in good, clean condition. The comb is useful in the removal of the fluffy undercoat and the pin brush to groom the longer, off-standing guard hairs which are of coarser quality.

Nails should be trimmed regularly to a comfortable length.


Chows should be kept in a fenced-in area or inside the house in a room where they have a good deal of freedom. Chows should not be put on a chain for they resent the feeling of being "trapped". Let your Chow have as much freedom as you have to offer within the limits of his safety and welfare.