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Official Written Standard of the Chow Chow

Chow Chow Revised Standard eff. 7/29/2020

To: Judges of the Chow Chow, Non-Sporting Group, and Best in Show

The Chow Chow  standard has been revised, effective July 29, 2020.  The revision was to add the description of acceptable nose colors for Cream Chows, as well as clarify nose color for Red, Black and Cinnamon Chows. The Disqualifying Fault section was edited to add Cream Chows as having an acceptable range of nose colors.

Noted below are direct links to access the approved standard (and new cover page for the group) for downloading and printing. The PDF pages are set up to print and to be folded to fit into the judge’s standard binder.

To view or download the Chow Chow standard CLICK HERE.

To view or download the new Non-Sporting Group Cover Page CLICK HERE.