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As members of the Chow Chow Club Inc. it is our goal and responsibility to promote and protect the Chow Chow breed as defined in the AKC Chow Chow Standard

Purpose. The purpose of the Club shall be:

  1. to define and publish a description of the Chow Chow as the standard of the breed, as approved by the American Kennel Club, as the only standard of excellence by which Chow Chows shall be judged and to urge members and breeders to accept this standard;
  1. to encourage and promote quality in the breeding of purebred Chow Chows to the standard of the breed and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection;

The AKC Chow Chow standard clearly defines the acceptable colors of our breed:
Color: Clear colored, solid or solid with lighter shadings in the ruff, tail and featherings. There are five colors in the Chow: red (light golden to deep mahogany), black, blue, cinnamon (light fawn to deep cinnamon) and cream. Acceptable colors to be judged on an equal basis.

The chow chow is a an ancient breed that has successfully endured the challenges of entrepreneurial efforts to change its appearance.  We must continue to educate our fanciers and future breeders about the threat of compromised pedigrees and the introduction of new health issues as is being seen in other breeds as French Bulldogs.  The CCCI has developed articles, posters and flyers that are available to you upon request (mwuest46@gmail.com ). Please help us by sharing this Information with your friends and associates as they learn about the wonderful characteristics and unique qualities of the chow chow.

Thank you! The Chow Chow Club, Inc

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