Trophy Awards cup 800x800The CCCI offers several awards to club members and their Chows for achievements in conformation, obedience, breeding quality dogs, and service to the club. The Awards Committee gathers and tabulates the statistics upon which the awards are based. Most of the club awards are presented at the awards banquet at the annual national specialty show.

The Awards Committee is composed of:

Chair: Vickie Ireland

Conformation Statistician: Lynette White

Performance Statistician: Sherell Guichard-Thomas

Register of Merit (ROM) and Circle of Honor (COH): Kim Bowden

The Awards Committee maintains and publishes monthly the CCCI online Chow Chow Statistics Report that includes the conformation point totals for the year’s top winning Chow Chows, breed and all-breed standings of all Chow Chows that won a Best of Breed or Best of Opposite Sex placement.

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