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CCCI 2023 National Specialty Member Education Seminar

2023 National Specialty

Member Education Seminar

May 16, 2023

Time: 2PM-5PM

Location: Cardinal Room


Breeding Basics (breeding and neonatal): Presented by Kurt Williams: Kurt will be speaking on basic tips in breeding including collecting your stud, timing your breeding, sustaining a pregnancy, and whelping a litter. He will also speak on the best way to care for neonates and keep them thriving.

Health Testing: Presented by Layla Loveless: Layla will lead a discussion on why testing is important whether you plan to breed or not. What testing is available and the most important for our chow breed.

Round Table Discussion: Panel consists of Love Banghart, Kurt Williams, Linda Brantley or Michael Brantley, and Jeff Sedillos. Moderator: Amy Frick (Young). Listen to a moderated discussion with a panel of long-time chow breeders. Subjects include breeding, showing, and the evolution of our breed over the years. If you have a question that you would like to ask the panel, please contact Amy Frick (Young) ahead of time.

  • Love Banghart: 47 years in chows, 42 years chow club member, 45 years showing, 42 years breeding, about 53 litters
  • Kurt Williams: 36 years in chows, about 25 years chow club member, 30 years in showing, 30 years in breeding, over 30 litters
  • Jeff Sedillos: 59 years in chows, 43 years chow club member, 45 years in showing, 50 years in breeding, over 50 litters
  • Linda Brantley: over 40 years in chows, over 40 years in showing, over 40 years in breeding, over 50 litters
  • Michael Brantley: over 60 years in chows, over 60 years showing, over 50 years breeding, over 50 litters

Short Break for those who would like to grab their dog for the ramp presentation.

Ramp Presentation: Presented by Michael Brantley: Michael is a 2nd generation chow breeder, and handled professionally for 40 plus years, campaigning many number one chows, as well as finishing several hundred champions for clients as well as dogs bred by, he and his wife Linda. Michael will demonstrate Ramp training, etiquette, and presentation of your dog on the ramp. From getting your dog to enjoy their ramp time, to placement on the ramp, to where to keep your hands on your dog during examination. If you have a chow that is having difficulty on the ramp, bring them with you and Michael will help show you how it's done.