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JoAnne M. Lesko, Chair 765 Johns Lane
Ambler, PA 19002
Cell: (215) 206-6387

Thank you for your interest in The Chow Chow Club, Inc. Welfare Fund. This Welfare Fund is a separate fund maintained by The Chow Chow Club, Inc. to provide grants to individuals and groups involved in Chow Chow Welfare for the purposes of providing medical care, spay/neuter surgery and/or transportation to saved Chow Chows on a case-by-case basis. Chow Chows with a known bite history or that have caused injury to any person or other dogs are not eligible. Mixed Breeds are not eligible.
Though exceptions may be made, the maximum for an individual Chow Chow is $300 and for a Chow Chow dam with a litter of puppies $500.

Grant applications must be made in writing to the Welfare Chairman and must be received within six months of the date of submitted receipts. Decisions will be made by the Welfare Committee on a case- by-case basis and may be paid in whole or in part if approved. Requests may be made to reimburse an organization or individual for expenses already incurred which were not covered by other means, or may be paid to a veterinarian for needed treatment for which no other funds are available. Other means of funding include other grants, crowd funding (i.e. GoFundMe), adoption fees, donations, raffles and auctions, etc.

In addition to processing requests to the Welfare Fund, The Chow Chow Inc. Welfare Committee also maintains a directory of known Chow Chow Welfare Organizations and Individuals. Every such group/individual is encouraged to complete the application to be included whether or not a grant is being applied for. Those that apply and are approved have the option to be included in the Chow Welfare Directory on the CCCI public website. Those that do not wish to be included on the public directory will be maintained in the Welfare Committee directory only



If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact The CCCI Welfare Committee Chair, JoAnne Lesko at JML919@msn.com.