The 2021 CCCI National Specialty


April 10-14, 2022

Radisson Hotel Harrisburg Logo1

Show Committee

Our show committee is devoted to making this Specialty the most memorable ever!

The show committee is as follows:

Show Chair:  JoAnne Lesko

CoChair: Marianne Smart                              

Obedience/Rally:  Cindy Greene    

Catalogs: Tom Masog     

Grounds: Michael Leonzio  /Scott Harpe 

Education: Debby Hockaday / Dan Strachan

Publicity: Love Banghart  

Trophies:  Tara Banyai  / Debby Hockaday 

Vendors: Barbara Becker   

Hospitality: Diane Myers   /Lisa Leonzio

Auction: Layla Loveless

Logowear: Linda Fontana  / Kandace Kettren