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Hello chow friends from around the world!
“A Time To Remember”
2022 CCCI National
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

As Hospitality Chair and Co-Chair, we are requesting your support, by providing monetary and item donations for the Hospitality bags and events. We have some exciting events planned but we need your support to make this National a success.

Below are some suggested items for the Hospitality Bags. We will be filling 125 Hospitality bags. You can bring the items with you, or mail/ship them, please indicate what you’re bringing in your reply. If you would like to ship your items ahead of time (preferred method), please email or IM us and we will send you the shipping address.

You are welcome to donate items from this list or something else that is to your liking. Remember this is only a wish list of items, so please feel free to come up with your own items. We are looking for Regional Clubs and clubs from around the world to make a donation in their clubs name that we will use for social events and parties throughout the National.

If you would like to donate money towards hospitality please send money donations to Love Banghart, the club’s treasurer, by paypal .  Please make checks payable to CCCI or Chow Chow Club Inc. and make sure you state that your donation is for “2021 Hospitality bags” or “Hospitality social events” in the comment section for easier tracking.

Any amount will be greatly appreciated and we will recognize you and/or your kennel name in our catalog.  If you have any questions or ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Stay tuned for updates!

1. Chap stick                                                               21. Wash cloth

2. Poop bags                                                               22. Hand sanitizer

3. Bottled water                                                          23. Dog toy

4. Kennel lead                                                             24. Chew stick

5. Ink Pens                                                                  25. Playing cards  

6. Eye ointment                                                           26. Peanuts 

7. Whisker razor                                                         27. Thermometers

8. Dog treats                                                               28. Spray bottles

9. Granola bars                                                           29. Ring Squeakers

10. Collapsible bowl                                                   30. Toothbrush & toothpaste 

11. Tissue packs - sponsored  *                                  31. Canned dog food lids

12. Sewing kit                                                             32. Roll of paper towels

13. Wet wipes                                                             33. Face wipes for dogs

14. First Aid Kit                                                          34. Water hole

15. Wet dog food in pouch                                         35. Stainless Steel Dog dish

16. Note pad                                                               36. Grooming Spray

17. Dog Shampoo                                                       37. Disinfectant Spray

18. Nose ointment                                                       38. Vet Wrap

19. Gum                                                                      39. Spring Clamps

20. Chocolate candy (bar)                                           40. Shammy/Chamois

41. Bungee Cords


2022 Hospitality    

Chair - Diane Myers        
Co-Chair - Lisa Leonzio -

We are truly looking forward to making this a “Time to Remember”…