Advertising Rates

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Publisher's Editorial Profile
Chow Life contains educational and human interest articles edited for the Chow fancier, in addition to reporting information of Regional Clubs. Chow Life contains the official decisions of The Chow Chow Club, Inc. It presents new OFA Certifications as well as highlighting new champions and recent winners.

Advertising Rates

  CCCI Members Non-Members
Front cover (includes 1/2 page color "cover story") $ 600 $ 750
Back cover (includes 1/2 page B&W "cover story") $ 400 $ 600
Inside Covers , Color* $ 400 $ 500
     * Color available when both advertisers want color    
Inside Covers, B&W $ 200 $ 300
Preferred pages (1 & 3), color only $ 400 $ 500
Full page COLOR with 1 picture $ 350 $ 400
Full page B&W with 1 picture $ 130 $ 155
Full page B&W with no picture $ 110 $ 110
1/2 page B&W with 1 picture $ 75 $ 85
1/4 page B&W with 1 picture $ 40 $ 50
Spot Color $ 100  
Additional COLOR pictures (each) $ 150  
Additional B&W pictures (each) $ 30  
Pedigree (3 generations or more) $ 20  
Photo return no charge  

Ad prices include professional ad design.
No charge for additional photos in ads submitted camera-ready.

Download 2017 Ad Specifications (PDF)
View 2017 Ad Specifications (PDF)

Frequent Advertiser Discount (for those who have run at least one full page ad in each issue during a calendar year):

  • one or more ads per issue... deduct $60 from one winter issue color ad
  • one or more black and white ads per issue... deduct $40 from one winter issue B&W ad

Reservations required for covers and preferred pages. A $100 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is required for each position reserved.

All material whether in the form of advertisements, articles, symbols, diagrams or illustrations, is accepted and published by the Chow Chow Club, Inc. and its staff with the express agreement that the person submitting the material will indemnify and hold the Club and its staff free and harmless from any claims for damages or any liability incurred as a result of publishing such material which is libel, copyright or trademark infringemen, or plagiarism and will reimburse the Club and its staff for any expenses incurred in the defense of any such claims, including reasonable attorney's fee and court costs.

Advertising Deadlines
Ad copy must be either typewritten or printed clearly and be in the editor's hands with payment by:

January 15
April 15
July 15
October 15

Make all checks payable to:
The Chow Chow Club, Inc.
(Canada and Foreign - please send International Money Orders payable in US funds).
All checks returned for non-payment subject to a $25.00 service charge in addition to check being replaced by a money order.

Mail to:
Carol Ann Klein, Editor
Chow Life Magazine
5051 Lost Padre Mine Rd.
Las Cruces, NM 88011
Phone: (609) 306-9506 (cell)