The Chow Health Website

The Chow Health Website contains many articles on the health and genetics of the Chow Chow.  The site also contains the Chow Health Pedigree Database.  This extensive, fully searchable, and user friendly database contains records on all Chow Chows with CCCI-recognized health certifications: OFA, CERF, Penn-Hip, CHIC.  As of April 2007, the database has records on over 15,000 Chow Chows and over 2,300 photos.  
The Chow Chow Club Inc. hopes that the Chow Health Website will become a useful tool for improving the health of Chows. It is our goal to educate and to increase awareness of owners, breeders, and admirers on the health and temperament of the Chow Chow.
Submission of Chow Chow pedigrees and photos to the database may be done by filling in and submitting a pedigree submission form.


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