Faults shall be penalized in proportion to their deviation from the standard. In judging the Chow, the overall picture is of primary consideration.

Exaggeration of any characteristic at the expense of balance or soundness shall be severely penalized.

Equally objectionable are snipey, fine boned specimens and overdone, ponderous, cloddy specimens.

In comparing specimens of different sex, due allowance must be made in favor of the bitches who may not have as much head or substance as do the males. There is an impression of femininity in bitches as compared to an impression of masculinity in dogs.

Type should include general appearance, temperament, the harmony of all parts, and soundness especially as seen when the dog is in motion.

There should be proper emphasis on movement which is the final test of the Chow's conformation, balance and soundness.


*Nose spotted or distinctly other color than black except in blue Chows which may have solid blue or slate noses.

*The top surface or edges of the tongue red or pink or with one or more spots of red or pink.

*Drop ear or ears. A drop ear is one which breaks at any point from its base to its tip or which is not carried stiffly erect but lies parallel to the top of the skull.

Serious Faults 

*Profile other than square.

*Entropion or ectropion, or pupils wholly or partially obscured by loose skin.

*Labored or abdominal breathing (not to include normal panting), narrow or slab-sided chest.

*Unsound Stifle or Hock Joint

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