This Illustrated Standard has been prepared by the Chow Chow Club Inc., for the purpose of promoting a better understanding of and appreciation for the Breed Standard of the Chow Chow. We have attempted to do this by illustrating the various points in the official Breed Standard.

Just as individuals differ in their interpretations of the Standard, artists will vary in their concept of the perfect Chow Chow according to the standard. It is impossible to please everyone, but that is an important part of our sport - comparing, criticizing and seeking an unobtainable ideal. Our hope is that this
booklet will serve as a guide in interpreting the Chow Chow Standard to breeders, judges, exhibitors and especially the novice.

We would like to express our appreciation to Sandra and Steven Miller, illustrator and editor, as well as to Ann Crisp and Carmen Blankenship and their Committees.

F.P.A. (Paul) Odenkirchen
Chow Chow Club Inc.
October 7, 1996

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