Glossary Of Terms


Spring of ribs: Curvature of ribs for heart and lung capacity.

Sternum: Breastbone.

Stifle: The joint of the hind leg between the thigh and the second thigh. The dog's knee.

Stilted: The rear leg moves up and forward from the hip in a straight, stilted pendulum-like line.

Stop:The step up from muzzle to skull; indentation between the eyes where the nasal bone and skull meet.

Substance: Bone.

Tail set:How the base of the tail sets on the rump.

Thigh: The hindquarter from hip to stifle.

Topline: The dog's outline from just behind the withers to the tail set.

Trim:To groom the coat by plucking or clipping.

Type:The characteristic qualities distinguishing a breed; the embodiment of a standard's essentials.




Upper arm: The humerus or bone of the foreleg, between the shoulder blade and the forearm, and associated tissues.

Well let down:Having short hocks (metatarsals).

Whisker: Sensory organs (hairs) on the sides of the muzzle.

Withers: The region defined by the dorsal portions of the spineous processes of the first two thoracic vertebrae and flanked by the dorsal (uppermost) portions of the scapulae.

Wrinkle:Loose, folding skin on forehead and foreface.










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