Glossary Of Terms


Coupling: The part of the body between the ribs and pelvis/hindquarters: the loin.

Croup:  The region of the pelvic girdle, formed by the sacrum and the surrounding tissue.

Dewclaw: An extra claw or functionless (vestigial) digit on the inside of the leg; a rudimentary fifth toe.

Disqualification: A decision made by a judge or by a bench show committee following a determination that a dog has a condition that makes its ineligible for any further competition under the dog show rules or under the standard for its breed or, an undesirable feature of a dog that results in such an action.

Dog: A  male dog; also used collectively to designate both male and female.

Double coat: An outer coat resistant to weather and protective against brush and brambles, together with an undercoat of sober hair for warmth and waterproofing.



Drop ear: The ear leather is folded at least to some degree, as contrasted with erect or prick ears.

Elbow: The posterior region of the articulation between the arm (humerous) and the forearm (ulna).

Elbows out: Turning out or off from the body; not held close.

Expression: The general appearance of all features of the head.

Fawn: A brown, red-yellow with hue of medium brilliance.

Feathering: Longer fringe of hair on ears, legs, tail or body.

Flank: The side of the body between the last rib and the hip. The coupling.

Forearm: The portion of the forelimb between the arm and the wrist, including the radius and the ulna.

Front: The forepart of the body as viewed head on; i.e., forelegs, chest, brisket, and shoulder line.

Furrow: A slight indentation or median line down the center of the skull to the stop.

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