We know our juniors will be a vital part of the next generation to breed, train, and exhibit our Chows.
Presently we are not seeing our youth come into the breed to carry on the legacy of the Chow Chow

The intent of a Stipend award from CCCI is to encourage and make it possible for young juniors ages of
at least 9 years old, and up to 18 years old, according to AKC rules for junior showmanship, to show at
local shows, a Regional Specialty or a National Specialty. The Stipend is designed for juniors who are not
as yet graduating high school seniors, or eligible to apply for a Junior Scholarship award. This will
encourage younger juniors to exhibit at their local or regional chow club shows, and at a CCCI National
Specialty show. Such an award made to a junior in any one specific year, must only be used to
supplement expenses of entering and showing a chow within one show year at their local or regional
chow specialty or National chow specialty. Juniors may choose to show in obedience, rally, agility, or

Hopefully, after being mentored by their local club and encouraged to show at a Local, Regional, or
National Show, the probability of keeping them in the sport will improve.

• Direct donations from the membership sent in with their yearly dues.
• Ask Regional clubs to donate to the Stipend award for their local junior handlers.
• Recognize and solicit donors by recording their names on an engraved trophy object or plaque
to be exhibited each year at a National
• Memorial donations for dogs or people with names and information printed in the show catalog
for that year.
• Fund raisers by online sales, silent auctions and raffles at our Nationals specifically for juniors.
• Funds from outside sources designated for Education.
• Funds from the National Auction profits.
• Other suggestions as the funding progresses and becomes established.
• Funds for Stipends and Scholarships are kept in a separate savings account within CCCI.

Some breed clubs offer a $250 stipend to new junior exhibitors and must only be used to supplement
expense of entering and exhibiting a chow at a Local all breed, Regional Specialty or National Specialty
Show. Once funding is available, CCCI Board and Scholarship committee will make a $250 or a lesser
amount dependent upon funds available, award on a year to year basis. Information on a Stipend award
will be made available to prospective applicants through Chow Life, the CCCI web site. The Regional
Club Liaison person will notify Regional Clubs with a calendar of Regional and National show dates in
time to apply for those awards.

It would be up to Regional Clubs to find prospective juniors, encourage participation and be mentors at
their local shows. We need to encourage Regional Clubs and market these ideas to chow breeders by
asking them to look for potential juniors when they sell companion puppies to families with children in
the junior handler age group. Pet buyers can still exhibit as juniors in obedience and rally. Breeders can
be encouraged to place retired show chows with juniors and mentor them as they show in
conformation, companion or performance events. Breeders at the time they sell pet chows can direct
juniors to 4-H clubs offering dog training as projects, and have available contact information on Local
Training club’s classes. Regional clubs will be encouraged to contact local training classes and 4-H clubs
to look for potential juniors handlers they could mentor showing a chow.

Included in the application is a commitment to attend educational presentations and special activities,
as appropriate at local, Regional and National shows. Documentation of attendance and participation
will be required, and will be attached to the application form.

Once these juniors have shown at local shows, Regional or National shows, the probability improves
for keeping them in the show ring with their chow.

Applying For the Funds
For the first two years of the Stipend Program, the rules for applying and a timeline for the grant and
dollar amount to be awarded for that year will be printed in each issue of Chow Life, thereafter, once a
year in Chow Life and available on the CCCI web site. This information will include the short application
form to be used, rules to be followed, and a timeline for the award.
• All Grants and Awards will be applied for by written application by the individual applicant.
• Application will be in the form of a short Grant Application.
• Applications must be accompanied by at least two letters of recommendation, only one of which
may be from a parent. Other recommendations may be from a mentor, trainer, or the breeder
of the dog which a junior is showing. This means, someone who knows and has observed the
JUNIOR working with their chow at local shows.
• At least one of these sponsors must be a member in good standing of CCCI.
• The Applicant must have been actively showing at their own local shows during the actual show
year in which the application to CCCI is made.
• The application form must include a short 500 word or less essay reviewing their interest in
chows, their present involvement in showing, and a commitment for participating in future
educational events at their Regional or National shows.
• Winners of the stipend will be recognized at the awards banquet for that year, and be
acknowledged by fellow chow fanciers.
• Stipends will be awarded as gift certificates purchased from the show superintendent.
Selecting Award Winners

All application packets must be sent directly to the Scholarship Committee Chair and received at
least three (3) months before that year’s Regional or National Show closes, or 3 months before the
closing date of the local show in which they expect to use the Stipend.

Copies of the applications will be forwarded on to Scholarship committee Members for their
comments and recommendations. The Honoree will be selected in a timely manner and notified
through a congratulatory letter sent by the corresponding secretary of CCCI, and the Scholarship
committee chair.

Follow Through with Award Winners
To keep new people in the sport, they need to feel valued and needed. Juniors should be included in
club activities. We should search out their talents and interests, and provide an opportunity to work at
tasks appropriate or their age and abilities such as assisting at the obedience and rally events; assisting
with trophy displays, assisting with the puppy fun match, or any club task appropriate.
Our juniors need to know that their hard work with dogs can pay off in larger awards if they continue
with a commitment to showing dogs. Therefore, a link to the AKC Club Awards for Junior Scholarships
for high school, college, and graduate school will be made available on the CCCI web site.
Time Table for Implementing the Stipend

Once funding is available, information for applying and qualifying for the stipend will be made available
via Chow Life and the CCCI web site. This information will be forwarded on to the Corresponding
Secretary of each Regional Club by the CCCI’s Regional Club Liaison Person.

By directing awards to juniors through the regional Chow Chow clubs, chances are greater that we will
capture younger Junior’s interest, and provide mentoring and motivation to eventually continue in the
sport of purebred dogs.

Hopefully, increased awareness regarding incentives CCCI is making available to attract junior exhibitors,
will help us find and bring along the next generation of Chow Fanciers.