Ok my Chow Club friends. Here is another way for you to take a momento home from the nationals and this one comes personalized.

We are selling directors chairs with both the club and national logos as well as your own kennel name on them.  Each will be embroidered with whatever name you want on them.
  2019 National Specialty Embroidered CCCI Chair
In addition to the chair, the purchase price buys you a front row seat around the ring at the nationals.  Your chair will be set up and waiting for you when you get there.  How easy is that.  We only have 60 spots to sell in the front row so it is on a first come first serve basis and sure to sell out fast.  The cost of the chair is $100 guaranteeing you a front row seat to view the greatest collection of chows this side of the Mississippi! 
If you are coming from far away and don't have room to take the chair back with you??? Not to worry.  We will have some chairs stored for you in Las Vegas and New York. 

Simply take your back with you and pick up the rest of your chair from Kurt Williams or Cindy Stone at a show near you!!!  Are we accommodating or what???

So, all you need to do is click on the link below and order your chair.  Please include what name or kennel name you would like embroidered on the chair and we will have you all set up at the show. 
Order quick.  Front row will sell out fast and their isn't a discount for the chairs if you don't order in time for one of the coveted spots.  Not going to the national and still want a chair???  Go ahead and order and we will figure out a plan to get you your chair.

Order your chair!
Questions??? Contact Amy Young. 770-231-3153.