Strong, full, well muscled, nicely arched and of sufficient length to carry the head proudly above the topline when standing at attention.


Short, compact, close coupled, strongly muscled, broad, deep and well let down in the flank.


Straight, strong and level from the withers to the root of the tail.


The correct chest and topline. Note again the equal, balanced proportions.


Broad, deep and muscular, never narrow or slab-sided. The ribs close together and well sprung, not barrel. The spring of the front ribs is somewhat narrowed at their lower ends to permit the shoulder and upper arm to fit smoothly against the chest wall. The floor of the chest is broad and deep extending down to the tips of the elbows. The point of sternum slightly in front of the shoulder points.

Serious Faults

Labored or abdominal breathing (not to include normal panting), narrow or slab-sided chest.


Well muscled, strong, short, broad and deep.


Short and broad with powerful rump and thigh muscles giving a level croup. The body, back, coupling and croup must all be short to give the required square build.


Well feathered, set high and carried closely to the back at all times, following the line of the spine at the start.

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