Proper movement is the crucial test of proper conformation and soundness. It must be sound, straight moving, agile, brief, quick and powerful, never lumbering.

Rear Gait


The rear gait short and stilted because of the straighter rear assembly. It is from th

e side that the unique stilted action is most easily assessed.

The rear leg moves up and forward from the hip in a straight, stilted pendulum-like line with a slight bounce in the rump, the legs extend neither far forward nor far backward.

The hind foot has a strong thrust which transfers power to the body in an almost straight line due to the minimal rear leg angulation.

To transmit this power efficiently to the front assembly. the coupling must be short and there should be no roll through the midsection.ccci_illust_std_pg22_2.gif

Viewed from the rear, the line of bone from hip joint to pad remains straight as the dog moves. As the speed increases the hindlegs incline slightly inward.

The stifle joints must point in the line of travel, not outward resulting in a bowlegged appearance nor hitching in under the dog.




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