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Rules for Register Of Merit and Circle of Honor Print


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Register of Merit and Circle of Honor


Section 1: Register of Merit

ROM points may be acquired by any AKC registered Chow Chow sire or dam, whether currently living or deceased.

            The person submitting data for qualifying a dog or bitch for the ROM title is responsible for providing all documentation to substantiate the title.

            The persons applying for the Register of Merit must submit a completed ROM Qualification Form or another document containing the required information and the following validations.

NOTE: Validations may include copies of documents that come from AKC or OFA to include their computer reports and published documentation from the CCCI. All wins and titles must be AKC or CCCI statistics. All health clearances must be from OFA or any other CCCI acceptable organization.


1)    The registered name and AKC number of the dog or bitch achieving the honor and their get.

2)    The names of the breeder(s) and owner(s) of the dog or bitch achieving the honor.

3)    For each show win, validation of that win. This can be a copy of report from AKC Show Awards or the AKC Progeny report. It may also be a copy of show superintendent’s show results.

4)    For Chow Chow Club Inc. awards, a copy of certificate awarded from CCCI or Chow Life issue and page number where it is listed i.e. Top Ten Chow Chows, Supreme Chow and Premier Bitch.

5)    For each title (AKC Champion, AKC Grand Champion, AKC Obedience or AKC Performance) Validation of that title. This can be a copy of AKC Awards report listing the dog or bitch with the title, a copy of Title achieved Certificate from AKC, an AKC Progeny report listing the titles or the Chow Life Issue and page number where it is listed.

6)    For Health Clearances, a copy of the certificate OFA printed report from the OFA database, the CCCI OFA data base or the Chow Life issue and page number where it is listed.

7)    For the dog or bitch claiming the points, validation is needed for the parent/offspring relationship achieving the ROM honor. This could be a copy of the AKC Registration Certificate, AKC Pedigree, a copy of the AKC Progeny Report, a copy of AKC Offspring report or a copy of OFA progeny report.


Method of scoring for the Register of Merit (points earned by sires and dames of winning progeny):


    3pt show 4pt show 5pt show National Specialty
          Bonus points
  BOB from Classes* 6 8 10 10
  BOB from Specials 6 8 10 10
  BOS from Classes* 6 8 10 10
  BOS from Specials 6 8 10 10
  WD or WB 3 4 5 7
  RWD or RWB       5
  BOW       2


*Points listed for BOB and BOS from classes are instead of points for WD and WB, not in addition. For example, if a dog wins BOB from classes at a 3 point major, it earns a total of 6 points for the win. It does not earn 3 for WD and 6 for the BOB totaling 9.


Regardless of the number of chows entered, the following ROM points are awarded for the sires and dams for the following:


  The Supreme Chow 5 pts
  The Premier Bitch 5 pts
  The Top Ten Chow placements by Breed Points:  
  #10 1 pts
  #9 2 pts
  #8 3 pts
  #7 4 pts
  #6 5 pts
  #5 6 pts
  #4 7 pts
  #3 8 pts
  #2 9 pts
  #1 10 pts
  Group Placements:     
  First 5 pts
  Second 4 pts
  Third 3 pts
  Fourth 2 pts
  BIS or BISS 10 pts
  SD or SB at National 5 pts
  Championship Title 5 pts
  Grand Championship 4 pts
  Obedience CD 5 pts
  Obedience CDX 8 pts
  Obedience Tracking 5 pts
  Rally Novice  RN 5 pts
  Rally Advanced RA 5 pts
  Rally Excellent RE 5 pts
  Rally Adv Exc (RAE) 10 pts
  Utility UD 10 pts
  Utility Excellent UDX 10 pts
  OFA Hips number 5 pts
  OFA Elbow number 5 pts
  OFA Patella number 2 pts
  OFA Thyroid number 2 pts
  OFA Eye number 5 pts
  OFA Cardiac number 2 pts
  CHIC 10 pts
  ROM get 5 pts


To qualify for the Register of Merit Title, the following criteria must be met:

A.    Dogs must have 130 points, earned by at least 8 different progeny, including 4 AKC Champion offspring.

B.    Bitches must have 110 points, earned by at least 4 different progeny, including 2 AKC Champion Offspring.

Persons submitting for a ROM award are to get written confirmation within 45 days. The communication will serve to either advise that the ROM submission was incomplete or incorrect for specified reason(s) or that the award has been earned and the ROM title is confirmed from date of communication. The certificate will be awarded at the next Annual Awards Presentation. On a quarterly basis, a list of current qualifiers is to be published in Chow Life. The ROM committee is to be responsible to forward to Chow Life by the cutoff date for the upcoming issue.


Those applying and being accepted for the ROM each year will be recognized at the Annual Awards Banquet with a Certificate.




COH change

Adding a Platinum level with 18 ROM get




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