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Looking at the splendid Oriental Chow Chow, one sees an arrestingly beautiful animal. What catches the eye is his perfect balance, the compact body and the proud, lion-like head. His striking personality and character, his aristocratic bearing, his dignified manners and his lordly scowl make him unlike any other dog. Friendly, yet some how reserved, he asks only to be loved and socialized by his family and friends. He is indeed an Oriental "gentleman," the lord of the canines, the Emperor of Dogs. And he is unique!

Please enjoy the sections listed below.

There are five colors in the Chow: red (light golden to deep mahogany), black, blue, cinnamon (light fawn to deep cinnamon) and cream. Our standard accepts only solid coat colors with shading on the tail and feathering. The predominant colors of the Chow are red -- or black. The reds may be light or dark, solid throughout or shaded on the tail and breechings. Less common, the so-called "dilute" col ors of cinnamon or fawn (a dilution of red) or blue (a dilution of black) do exist. Occasionally a cream will appear, but usually this specimen has a pink or flesh-colored nose so that it cannot be shown according to the Chow Chow Club's Breed Standard. Other colors may exist, are not acceptable and cannot be shown.
  • Hello! I Am The Chow Chow  ( 11 items )

    This is an introductory series of articles on the chow chow. A must read for the chow chow novice or the person who is thinking about getting a chow chow.

  • Breed Standings  ( 5 items )
  • Breed Standard  ( 13 items )

    The official AKC Breed Standard for the Chow Chow. This is the text only version of the Breed Standard and has been broken down into sections for easier reading.

    The Official Standard for the CHOW CHOW was approved on October 10, 2005 and became effective January 1, 2006

  • Illustrated Standard  ( 31 items )

    The Chow Chow Club Inc.'s Illustrated Breed Standard.  The Illustrated Standard has been broken down into sections for easier reading.

  • Breed Standard Committee  ( 9 items )

    The Breed Standard Committee (consisting of Carmen Blankenship, chair;   Kim Bowden, member ex officio; Harvey Kent; Love Banghart; Jeff Sedillos; and Michael Brantley)  has been requested to formulate a proposed revision to the Chow Chow standard  to allow the cream chow to be shown with a flesh colored or pink nose. A similar proposed change in the standard  was defeated five years ago.  The recent opinion poll on the same issue did not receive a two thirds majority vote necessary to change the standard. Those voting against this change are rightly concerned about the effect, if any, this change may cause to the nose pigment in the reds ,cinnamon's and eventually, the breed in entirety.


  • Chow Club Publications  ( 5 items )

    Judges Study Guide, breed standard & national specialty videos, and more

  • General Publications  ( 7 items )

    Suggested reading on a variety of subjects of interest to the Chow fancier.

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