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2011 National Specialty Logo 2011 National Specialty Winners

2011 National Specialty Winners
Sacramento, California

All Conformation Classes: Mr. Paul Odenkirchen
Sweepstakes: Mr. Harvey Kent
Obedience & Rally: Mr. Alvin Eng
Junior Showmanship: Mr. George Boulton

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2010 National Specialty Logo 2010 National Specialty Winners

2010 National Specialty Winners
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

Regular & Non-Regular Classes - Mrs. Linda Love Banghart
Sweepstakes: Mrs. Sue Brough
Obedience & Rally: Mrs. Phyllis Broderick

This show was held in memory of Dr. Samuel Draper

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National Specialty Logo 2009 National Specialty Winners

2009 National Specialty
Orlando, Florida

Sweepstakes Judge:  Mrs. Vicki DeGruy
Regular Class Judge:  Dr. Gail Forsythe

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2008 National Specialty Logo 2008 National Specialty Winners

2008 CCCI National Specialty
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Sweepstakes Judge:  Mr. Cody Milligan
Regular Class Judge:  Ms. Mary Wuest

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2007 National specialty Logo 2007 National Specialty Winners

2007 CCCI National Specialty
Longmont, Colorado

Sweepstakes Judge:  Mr. Michael Bakert
Regular Class Judge:  Ms. Sandra Goose Allen


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2006 National Logo 2006 National Specialty Winners

2006 CCCI National Specialty
~ 100th Year Anniversary Show ~

Olympia, Washington

Sweepstakes Judge: Mrs. Linda Brantley
Regular Class Judge: Mr. Frank Sabella

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2005 National Specialty Logo 2005 National Specialty Winners
2005 CCCI National Specialty
Atlanta, Georgia

Sweepstakes Judge: Mr. Ted Lee
Regular Class Judge: Mr. Stephen Sudduth

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