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CCCI Welfare is an annually appointed committee of the Chow Chow Club, Inc., the AKC-recognized national parent club of the Chow Chow breed in the U.S.  The committee is focused on the well-being of the purebred Chow Chow as a pet in today's society. 

The committee is small but its scope is large.  Some of our functions are:

  • to provide information about the Chow Chow breed to Chow owners, the public, animal shelters and veterinarians.  
  • to provide a central contact point for people seeking placement for abandoned or unwanted Chows and those who would like to adopt them
  • to maintain a directory of Chow rescue volunteers
  • to provide information, resources and support to Chow rescue volunteers and other individuals aiding homeless Chow Chows. 
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The Welfare Fund is a separate fund maintained by The Chow Chow Club, Inc. to provide grants to individuals and groups involved in Chow Chow Welfare for the purposes of providing medical care, spay/neuter surgery and/or transportation to saved Chow Chows on a case-by-case basis. Chow Chows with a known bite history or that have caused injury to any person or other dogs are not eligible. Mixed Breeds are not eligible.
Grant applications must be made in writing to the Welfare Chairman and must be received within six months of the date of submitted receipts. Decisions will be made by the Welfare Committee on a caseby- case basis and may be paid in whole or in part if approved. Requests may be made to reimburse an organization or individual for expenses already incurred which were not covered by other means, or may be paid to a veterinarian for needed treatment for which no other funds are available.

On behalf of the Chow Chow Club, Inc.'s Welfare Committee and the needy Chows it serves, we offer our sincere gratitude to the following donors to the CCCI Welfare Fund:

$ 3,000 +

Robert & Love Banghart
Chow Chow Club, Inc. Annual Auction 2007
Chow Chow Club, Inc. Annual Auction 2010
Caryl Myers

$ 2,000 - 2,999

Chow Chow Club, Inc. Annual Auction 2004
Chow Chow Club, Inc. Annual Auction 2005
Chow Chow Club, Inc. Annual Auction 2006
Members of the Chow Chow Club, Inc. 2007
Members of the Chow Chow Club, Inc. 2012
Pedigree® Food For Dogs 2007

$ 1,000 - 1,999

Chow Chow Club, Inc. Fun Match 2005
Chow Chow Club, Inc. Fun Match 2006
Members of the Chow Chow Club, Inc. 2004
Members of the Chow Chow Club, Inc. 2005
Members of the Chow Chow Club, Inc. 2006
Members of the Chow Chow Club, Inc. 2010
Pennmarva Chow Chow Club

$ 500 - 999

Anita Berger
Carmen Blankenship
Southern Chow Chow Club

$ 250 - 499

Don & Sue Avila
Golden State Chow Chow Club
Caryl Myers
     in memory of "Sam"
Harold & Adie Toudt

$ 100 - 249

Aerospace Industries Division Society of America
     in memory of Bill Atkinson  
Elizabeth Baier
     in memory of her Chow "Annie"
Werner & Julie Boehi
     in memory of Arleen Lorenz
Stephane Brugaletta
Chow Chow Club of Greater New York
     in memory of Arleen Lorenz
Shelly Chrisman
     in memory of Michael Chrisman and Marjorie Evans
Dorothy Everett, 
    on behalf of the "Lancaster Chows"
Kathy Feroglia
Friends of Diane Myers, in memory of her mother Donna Myers
Friends of "Trevor", in memory of Ch. Cross B's No Blacking Down
Friends of Patricia North, Tsang Po Chow Chows
     in memory of her
Friends of "Tai" & "Serenity", in memory of Masterpiece Mai Tai Adventure
     and Ch. Claymont's Serenity O'Cervan
Rolynn Hand
Kim Hogdal
     in honor of John & Susan Peterson, Lanhwa Chow Chows
Vickie Ireland
Joseph T. Ryerson & Son
     in memory of Arleen Lorenz
Kimberly Kinder
Dennis & Joan Lebofsky
     in memory of "Hopsing"
Jeanne Lescord
Josephine Mitchell
     in memory of Linda Jones
Caryl Myers
     in memory of Arleen Lorenz
Joanne Olson

Patricia Paicer, 
      in memory of Judi Foley
Timothy Pendleton
Philadelphia Chapter of the MRA
     in memory of Arleen Lorenz
Jan'et Pollack
     in memory of Arleen Lorenz
Pratt & Whitney Corporation
      in memory of Bill Atkinson
Wendy Reyn
      in honor of Carmen Booth, DVM
Dan & Mary Ellen Shook
       in honor of the marriage of Dena Hudson & Alan Schaefer
Rowena Sim
William Wallenbecker, Jr
      in memory of "Niki"
Kathy Welsh
Kurt Williams
Louise Wilson
Michael Young
Kathleen Zins

$ 50 - 99

Sandra Goose Allen
     in memory of Dr. Samuel Draper
Ginny Atkinson 
Deborah & Kevin Barrett
     in memory of Linda Jones
Joe & Robin Castellucci
Robin Churchill
Wayne & Lila Curtis
     in memory of CH. Owlhead's Justin Your Dreams
Elizabeth Dale,
     in memory of Dr. Samuel Draper
Management & Staff of the Dallas Renaissance North,
     in memory of Judi Foley
Friends of Sherrie Determan
     in memory of "Buddah",
     AM/CAN CH. Chrisma Eternal Flame
Don Diebler
Robert & Mary Ann Faelten
     in memory of Diane Bradley
Judy Fegan
Barbara Frayer
Jill Freifeld, Happy Hound Pet Care
     in memory of "Coco", "Ben-E", and "Dutchess",
     beloved Chows of Dr. Joyce Dandridge
Shari Fukuyama
Camille Gagnon
Valerie Gilb
Laurie & Jeff Gover
     in honor of Connie Graber's 2011 birthday
Connie Graber
     in honor of Elsie Mulrooney
Robin Greenslade,
     in memory of Dr. Samuel Draper
Kim Hogdal,
     in honor of John & Susan Peterson
Christopher Hnottavange
Virginia Holland
Julia Hoover
Robert Jastrzembski
Carol Ann and Lewis Klein,
     in memory of Jesus Cartabio
Lori Kohart
Linda Leichtfuss & "Bubbles" & "Clyde"
James McCabe,
     in honor of Ellen Gold & her Chow T-Glo 
Ingrid Mika
K. Mills
Middle Tennessee Chow Chow Fanciers, Inc.
     in memory of Dr. Samuel Draper
Wendy Montroy
New England Chow Chow Club,
     in memory of Frank Jagodowski
John & Susan Peterson
Rocky Mountain Chow Chow Club
Scotsman Ice Systems
     in memory of Arleen Lorenz
Anthony & Dawn Sam,
     in honor of Norma Riccio
Dan & Mary Ellen Shook
Penny Spencer
Cindy Stone
Carol Stuckey & Patrick Burke,
     in memory of Jake, Ronny's best friend
Patricia Webb & her three rescued Chows:
     Piper, Cocoa, and Teddy Bear
Carrie Wehmeyer
Laura Weick
Pauline Willox
Marjorie Winebrenner

$ 25 - 49

David & Kathleen Albright
     in memory of their Chow "Tooters"
Alexander, Jacquelyn,
     in memory of Ronald Holmwood
David Bahnsen
Mark Baker
Robert Black
KimAnn Bobrosky
Carmen Booth
Michele Burk
Molly Capron 
     in memory of David Myers
Kristen Card,
     in memory of "Sasha" Nelson, faithful companion
     of the Nelson family
Greg Castle
Kristin Chalfant
     in honor of the birthday of Elisabeth Anderson
Thomas Clark
Ruth Clark & Barbara Olsen
Karen Cox
Margaret Crisson
Susanne Cruey
Susan Danna
Jim Dearth
Diane DeGrand
Nancy Demory
Pauline Dennison
Vancie Drew
Barbara Dulaney
Joan & Ken Dunsire
     in memory of Bill Atkinson
Jennifer Elms
Judy Erickson
Ken Falconer
Christine Farnell
McLaurin & Patrick Files
Jill Freifeld & Jessica Lamb
     in memory of Winston Brady
Mrs. Henry Flickinger 
     in memory of "Sam"
Dean Gabbert, Alli, Ginger & Ruby
      in memory of "Saki"
Amy Garrety
Nadine Grundy
Rita Hancock
Susan Heard
Vicki Hochstetler
Robert & Susan Hopper
     in memory of Myrtle Floyd
Susan Hornbrook
Darryl Howell
Steven Hunter,
     in honor of Holly & John Brinkley
Terry Inch
Loretta Jastrzembski
Friends of Loretta Lyon,
     in memory of Loray's Taste The Rainbow,
Lorre Jordan
Gertrude Keefer
Gregg Kellner,
     in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Kelly Wessel's "Bruce"
Winifred Kelly
Tim & Patty Kern
Amy Kertgate
Jennifer Kitching
Jeffrey Kline
Carol Lehman
Debra Levey
Carolyn Lewis
     in memory of David Myers
Nicki Lykens
Kristin Malfant
Deborah Marchel
Dolores Mattern
     in memory of Bill Atkinson
Kevin Meske
Beverly Miller
Maralee Morado
Gina Mustico
Caryl Myers
     in memory of Am/Can CH Cherie's Titanium O'Braveheart
Cathy Nally
New England Chow Chow Club
Vanessa Nicholau
Rustene Pagel
Denise Petrie
Deborah Prickett
Craig Rader
Rhonda Ready
Holly Rice
     in memory of "Gibbus Moon"
     owned by Mauli McDonald
Joe & Gina Ricci
     in memory of "Chuckie" owned by
     Joe & Brenda Ricci
Judith-Ann Robertson
Arlene Robinson
Judy Roe
Lee & Ginny Ruck
     in memory of "Salva" owned by
     Susan White & Jon Scheiner
Dianne Santos
Beth Schwenneker
Kathi Seidenspinner
     in memory of Arleen Lorenz
Shirley Skelton
Eve Shelton
Jennee Stalzer
Mr & Mrs William Stifel,
     in memory of Dr. Samuel Draper
Rebecca Sun
Robert Terfruchte
Deborah Terppe
Ann Thorne
Tammy Tosh
Robert Tucker
US Bank, Milwaukee
     Wisconsin site employees
Amy Wagner
Kristen Walsh
Marilyn Weber-Lewis
Carrie Wehmeyer
     in memory of Caryl Myer's "Sam"
Pamela & Bruce Wentworth
     in memory of Bill Atkinson
Virginia Whitten
Linda Wilkinson
Janet & Van Willis
Janet & Van Willis 
     in memory of Bill Atkinson
Elizabeth Wilson
Robert Wiper

$ 1 - 24

Anderson Kennel Club and Carol Ann Klein,
   in memory of Roberta DeMoss
Jonathon Antonini
Andrea Bridges
Barbara Cervan
Helen Chrisman
    in memory of Marjorie Evans
Laurie Collier
     in memory of BIS BISS CH Jenuine Xlnt Kirby's Rising Son, ROM, CGC
Judy Crickenberger
Pegg Davenport
     in memory of Marjorie Evans
Phil DeGruy
Janice Faust
Barbara Hamon
Elaine Hightower
Rosalynda Hillary,
     in memory of Laura Stoops' Chow, Aly
Ann Hines
Katrina Hummel
     in memory of "Tooters"
Tyson Hummel
     in memory of "Tooters"
Carol Karlmann
     in memory of Mike Carroll's "Lucky"
Carol Ann Klein
Angela & Brian Laframboise
Lupe Latimer
Kelly Livezey
Donald Long
Dusten Lorenz
     in memory of Arleen Lorenz
Gay Meyer
Terry Mingle
ModPosh Web Design
Jerold Niederman
Deborah Stevens
Jan Stitt
Tammi Timmons
     in memory of Nancie Britts' "Leo"
Karen Tracy
     in memory of Arleen Lorenz
Denise Waters
Anne Weremblewski

Donors of Items for Sale, Auction or Raffle

Items valued at $ 1000 +

Kip Kopatch
Kathy Welsh

Items valued at $ 300 - $ 1000

Betty Capelle
David Donahue, in memory of Patti Donahue
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dore
Nancy Hayward on behalf of
     the estate of Mary Carlisle, Wang Tzu Chow Chows

Items valued up to $ 299

Michael & Barbara Bakert
Andrea Bridges
Vicki DeGruy
Lee & Nancy Demory
Christine Farnell
Virginia Holland
West Texas Chow Chow Rescue

Other Very Special Angels

John Leklum  (legal services)

Want to see your name on this list?  

If you'd like to donate to the Welfare Fund, 
you may send a check or money order made out to:

The Chow Chow Club, Inc.'s Welfare Fund
383 Hoffman Lane
Hauppauge NY  11788

Donations may also be made online via Paypal:

All donations are personally acknowledged

(The Chow Chow Club, Inc. is a non-profit organization
incorporated in the state of New York in 1906

but is not federally recognized as tax-exempt
so donations to the club are not tax-deductible.)

We regularly auction donated Chow Chow items and collectibles on Ebay.  Watch for these exciting sales!  All CCCI Welfare Fund auctions are marked "helps CCCI Welfare".  Donors and purchasers of our auction items are honored in our Donors Hall Of Fame.  

For more information about the CCCI Welfare Committee and the Welfare Fund, click on the "who we are" button at the top left of the screen.

~ Thank you for supporting CCCI Welfare! ~

The Fund is made up entirely of your donations, sales of merchandise and the proceeds of our fund-raising events which include other grants, crowd funding (i.e. GoFundMe), adoption fees, donations, raffles and auctions, etc..  It has no corporate sponsors nor receives any government support. 
The Fund has provided several thousand dollars a year in financial assistance to volunteers since it began in 1994.  However, it has never had anywhere near enough money to cover all the qualified requests we receive.  Most volunteers must wait months while we raise the money they need.  We desperately need your support to help us help more Chows!  

Donate to the CCCI Welfare Fund!  No donation is too small and every little bit helps!   

Checks or money orders (U.S. funds) should be made out to the Chow Chow Club, Inc.'s Welfare Committee and sent to:

Jennifer Stroop, CCCI Welfare Chair
150 Wanner Road
Reading, PA 19605;
Tel (610) 659-5966


In 1990, then Chow Chow Club, Inc. President Cody Milligan appointed the first CCCI Welfare committee. The first members of this committee were chair Vicki DeGruy, Christine Cameron, Dr. J. Albert deBlois and Barbara Malone. Intended to address the needs of a Chow Chow population that had grown far beyond anyone's imagination, the committee joined the efforts of several other parent breed clubs working to achieve a greater influence on the owners of dogs outside the circles of the show ring. Over the years,  committee members have come and gone, the most recent, along with Vicki,  were Ginny Atkinson, Karen Privitello and Kathy Welsh.  In 2012, Vicki retired and was replaced by new chair, Elaine Albert.  

Our focus has remained the same throughout these years: the well-being of the Chow Chow as a pet in our society. If our primary function could be described in only one word, that word would be education. We teach people how to understand, appreciate and properly care for this unique and intriguing breed of dog.  

Our next priority concerns the needs of thousands of abandoned Chow Chows.  When the Welfare committee was first appointed, the Chow Chow was the sixth most popular breed in the U.S. with AKC registration figures of mind-boggling proportions: 49,096 in 1987, 50,782 in 1988, 50,150 in 1989, 45,267 in 1990. (We can only guess how many Chows were born during that time but not registered.) The Chow was the "in" breed to have and there were Chows everywhere, especially where we didn't want them to be - in petstores, puppymills, animal shelters and in the hands of owners who weren't committed to caring for them responsibly.

Prior to 1990,  these issues weren't being addressed adequately  by the Chow Chow Club, Inc.  A few individual members and regional Chow clubs, Pru Baxter and the Greater Houston Chow Chow Club, to name only one of each, had "Chow Rescue" programs but without the support of the CCCI. One of the initial goals of the Welfare committee was to find ways for the CCCI to encourage and support Chow rescue efforts.

Barbara Malone surveyed national breed clubs, gathering information on their welfare, rescue and education programs. Some clubs were very active and organized in their welfare projects while others had never considered the concept. Barbara sorted through the information, choosing the best or most practical ideas, many of which make up the committee's procedures today.

Christine Cameron put together and published the first rescue directory, a listing of Chow rescue volunteers and their services. Until then, few volunteers were aware of each other. The directory was a first step in rescue networking and mutual support. Combined with a "how to rescue" manual written by myself, Christine distributed the first CCCI rescue resources to regional clubs and interested individuals.

The CCCI Welfare Hotline was also established in 1990 and continues today. The Hotline functions as a central information source for Chow owners seeking help for their dogs' problems and animal shelters seeking placement help for the Chows in their care. Callers are counseled, sent educational material and/or referred to rescue services or regional clubs and CCCI members in their home areas for further help and information.

The CCCI's Welfare Fund began in 1991. Intended originally to cover the cost of the committee's printing, postage and office supplies, the purpose of the fund was expanded in 1995, by action of the CCCI Board, to help with medical expenses of eligible rescued Chows by providing grants to Chow rescue volunteers and other individuals. 

The committee has always believed that educational material should be made available free to the public and your generous donations to the fund have enabled us to do that. The committee's telephone expenses and website, including the Welfare Hotline, have always been donated by the committee members themselves.

Although the committee doesn't operate a shelter or rescue Chows in the name of the Chow Chow Club, Inc., our grant program has supported many rescue groups and individual volunteers by providing them with financial grants and resources like our rescue manual and adoption website.  Your donations make it possible for us to continue these critical services.  


The Chow Chow Club, Inc.'s Welfare Committee