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The Fund is made up entirely of your donations, sales of merchandise and the proceeds of our fund-raising events which include other grants, crowd funding (i.e. GoFundMe), adoption fees, donations, raffles and auctions, etc..  It has no corporate sponsors nor receives any government support. 
The Fund has provided several thousand dollars a year in financial assistance to volunteers since it began in 1994.  However, it has never had anywhere near enough money to cover all the qualified requests we receive.  Most volunteers must wait months while we raise the money they need.  We desperately need your support to help us help more Chows!  

Donate to the CCCI Welfare Fund!  No donation is too small and every little bit helps!   

Checks or money orders (U.S. funds) should be made out to the Chow Chow Club, Inc.'s Welfare Committee and sent to:

Jennifer Stroop, CCCI Welfare Chair
150 Wanner Road
Reading, PA 19605;
Tel (610) 659-5966