Ask lots of questions. Good breeders screen their puppy buyers very carefully. You need to know ahead of time what questions you should ask of them.

  • What genetic testing does the breeder do? Research what health problems are found in the breed.

  • How familiar is the breeder with the history and purpose of the Chow Chow? Does the breeder belong to the Chow Chow Club, Inc. or a local Chow Chow club?

  • Does the breeder participate in showing their dogs in conformation, earthdog trials, agility, and/or obedience? Is the breeder active in the Chow Chow Club, Inc. or their local kennel club?

  • Does the breeder stand behind the puppies that they place? Will the breeder take a puppy back or help you find a new home for your puppy if for any reason you are not able to keep your dog at any point in its life? Can you feel free to call the breeder with questions about feeding, grooming, or health concerns about your dog at any point your new puppy’s life? Can the breeder give you information about regional clubs and dog activities you might enjoy with your new puppy?

  • Ask to meet the mother (called the "dam")  of the puppies and, if possible, the father (called the “sire”). Ask for pictures and health information on both the parents and the grandparents of the puppies.

  • Are “companion quality” puppies sold with limited registrations and spay/neuter agreements? Ask the breeder to evaluate the puppies and tell you why each puppy may be either show or companion quality.

  • Are the puppies well-socialized in a pleasant, home environment? Can the breeder supply you with names of other owners for references?

Always remember that your puppy will share your life for many years. All the research you do before that puppy comes into your home will be worth your effort. A Chow Chowr is not the dog for everyone. However, if a Chow Chow is the right breed for you and your living situation, you will be rewarded with an affectionate, loving companion who will introduce you to new friends, new activities and give you years of joy and devotion.


Please see our breeders list to find a breeder in your area.

Disclaimer: The listed breeders are members in good standing of The Chow Chow Club, Inc. In no circumstances does the CCCI guarantee the services of said members.


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