There are 5 titling levels in the AKC Trick Dog program:  Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Performer and Elite Performer.
An approved AKC Trick Dog Evaluator (same as an AKC CGC evaluator) may evaluate a dog for the first 4 levels of the program.
Dog performs 10 tricks from the Novice level list (may include 2 handler’s choice tricks); or, if the dog has a CGC certificate or title on record at AKC, they perform 5 tricks from the list.  Handler may use food/toys as lures to guide the dog into position, hand signals and/or verbal cues (unless indicated for a specific trick).  They may use food/clicker as reinforcers (after each behavior).  The dog will do each trick 2 times.
1.  Balance Beam
2.  Crawl 5 feet
3.  Back on command
4.  Fetch and give - 10 feet
5.  Find it - treat in a cup
6.  Get in - a box
7.  Get on - a box
8.  Go get it - just get something
9.  Hand signal - down, sit, come, etc.
10. High 5
11. Hold for 3 seconds
12. Jump through hoop or over low bar
13.  Kennel - go into crate until released (10 seconds)
14.  Kiss
15.  Paws up - on low step
16.  Sit or down - 3 times
17.  Shake hands
18.  Spin in circle
19.  Touch it
20.  Tunnel
2 optional tricks that your dog can do
Always - Have fun!
More information is available on AKC Trick Dog on the AKC website