Illustration, Eyes and Ears




Dark brown, deep set and placed wide apart and obliquely, of moderate size, almond in shape. The correct placement and shape should create an Oriental appearance. The eye rims black with lids which neither turn in nor droop and the pupils of the eyes clearly visible. 

Serious Faults - Entropion or ectropion, or pupils wholly or partially obscured by loose skin.



Small, moderately thick, triangular in shape with a slight rounding at the tip, carried stiffly erect but with a slig

ht forward tilt. Placed wide apart with the inner corner on top of the skull. An ear which flops as the dog moves is very undesirable.

Disqualifying Fault - Drop ear or ears. A drop ear is one which breaks at any point from its base to its tip or which is not carried stiffly erect but lies parallel to the top of the skull.

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