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Online Code Of Ethics

Notice To All Chow Chow Club Inc. (CCCI) on-line members:

The CCCI does not review websites and their content which may be reached from this site through links provided by our members in the "Member Contacts" section of this site.

As such, exposure to sites which may contain objectionable material and may be offensive to any of our membership or other persons is not knowingly generated by CCCI.

Although the CCCI cannot assume responsibility for censorship of content on the internet, any member has the right to lodge a complaint against another member, per the rules of our constitution and by-laws, in which case the CCCI may intervene, and may find it necessary to suspend or expel members who author content with malicious intent, misrepresentation or defamation on ANY publicly available media ( including but not limited to internet communications of any kind ).

Therefore, a few guidelines should be observed by our membership. We suggest the following as a minimum courtesy to your fellow members and the general internet community:

  • Consider the same care and wording as you would when placing ads in the parent club magazine "Chow Life", or any other
    publication where your comments may expose you to libel.

  • Never place derogatory comments about Chows, other breeders, organizations or clubs in your web sites.

  • Do not use photographs of dogs you do not own or co-own in your internet pages, without the permission of the owner(s).

  • Observe copyright notices on web pages, photographic, electronic and printed media, do not borrow articles, graphics, pictures or images of any kind without the express permission of the owner(s). If you have original images on your page(s), place a copyright notice and/or state that "No images on this site may be used without consent." to avoid this situation.

  • Critical personal opinions regarding persons other than yourself, judging outcome of any event, including derogatory comments concerning a judge, placements or any participant ( Person or Dog ), should be avoided on publicly available media ( either a post to a List, a web page, public chat room or an e-mail to the general public ).

  • Please keep in mind that per our constitution and by-laws, it is not permitted for any member to state in any "advertising media", that they are affiliated with CCCI. As internet web-pages my be interpreted as form of advertising, do not state your affiliation with CCCI. A link to the CCCI site is permitted as long as it is not implied that you are a member or officer of the club.
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