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Home arrow Chow Chow Information arrow Illustrated Breed Standard arrow Glossary Of Terms (page 26)

Glossary Of Terms



Almond eyes:  An elongated eye-shape describing the tissue surrounding the eye itself.

Agulation:  The angles formed by the appendicular skeleton, including the forequarters, arm, forearm, wrist, pastern, toes and hindquarters, thigh, second thigh, hock, rear pastern, toes.

Back:  The dorsal surface (topline) of the dog extending, from the withers to the croup, including the thoracic and lumbar vertebral regions; infrequently used to refer only to the thoracic region.

Balanced:  A condition wherein all proportions of a dog are in static and dynamic harmony.

Barrel:  A rib (thoracic) region that is circular in cross-section.

Bitch: A  female canine.

Bite:  The relative position of the upper and lower teeth when the jaw is closed, including scissors, level, undershot and overshot.


Bone:  A type of connective tissue that forms the canine skeleton. Informally used to suggest a quantitative characteristic of limb bones in proportion to overall size of a dog.

Buttocks:  The rump or hips.

Cat-foot:  Round, compact foot, with well arched toes, tightly bunched or close-cupped.

Chest:  The part of the body or trunk that is enclosed by the ribs; the thoracic cavity.

Cloddy:  Low, thickset. comparatively heavy.

Close-coupled:  Comparatively short from last rib to the commencement of the hindquarters.

Coarse:  Lacking refinement.

Coat:  The dog's hair covering.

Condition:  Health as shown by the coat, state of flesh, general appearance and deportment.

Conformation:  The form and structure. make and shape; arrangement of the parts in conformance with breed-standard demands.


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